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Take the time and frustration out of finding the perfect candidate for every job opening.

Transform the way your company hires with our powerful online recruiting platform.

Shorten Your Hiring Process

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Post your open positions online
Free and premium job board options for you to choose from.
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With applicant tagging you can rate and sort your applicants.
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Perfect your automated hiring process simply and easily with our infinitely flexible options.
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Applications analysis

Get the Right Candidates in Front of the Right People

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Calendar and Email tools
Communicate with applicants and schedule interviews directly from inside your hiring dashboard.
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Social Media Integration
Share job openings on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more!
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Keep your team in the loop
Share notes with your hiring managers and recruiters.

Make it Simple

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Automatic Screening
Build a smart application form with our Questionnaire Builder and it will do the screening for you. Only the most qualified applicants will move forward.
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24/7 Support
We are always available to help you via phone, email, and Skype. We’re here to help!
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Track your applications with reports and a complete data download.
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Cloud-based Software
Hiring has never been easier! Just sign on and start hiring from wherever your business takes you.

Getting Started is Simple.

You can have your first job posting up in 5 minutes or less!
Our plan options are tailored for companies of all sizes.

Your Future Rock Stars are Waiting for you!

In a single click, you can be on your way to
a happier and more effective workplace.

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  • Online Job Postings
  • Applicant Tagging
  • Form Builder
  • Communication and Scheduling
  • Website Integration
  • Background Checks
  • Job Requisition Workflow
  • Resume Import tool
  • Developer API

Online Job Postings

We make it easy for great candidates to find you. After you have entered your job posting, we start working to build you an online application form built for your website. Once your form is built you can purchase postings on major job sites. We will also post your job opening to several free job boards. We make it simple for you to get the word out about your open position.




Applicant Tagging

  • Tag and categorize applicants based on your company’s needs with our Applicant Tagging Engine.
  • Sort and Filter your applicants by using their tags.
  • Tag applicants automatically based on how they answered their screening questions.
  • Organize and sort your applicants with custom tags created by you.


Form Builder

  • Save time when you hire with our powerful form builder. Ask all of the important screening questions upfront so you can filter out the best and worst candidates for your open position.
  • Build a custom form that includes essay, multiple choice, single choice, yes/no and date type questions.
  • You can view applicant’s responses and sort them based on whether that response was suited for your company or not.
  • Form Builder comes with the Standard Plan subscription level and above.

Communication and Scheduling

  • We take the hassle away of trying to match candidates contact information with their resumes… Respond to your applicants and schedule interviews directly from our hiring environment.
  • Applicant messages and replies are saved in your applicant’s record.
  • Create meeting invites for interviews


Website Integration

  • Let candidates that are interested in working for your company find your open positions easily on your website. We create a customized online job board that you can link to your website as your career page.
  • Make your Career page your own with our customization tool that allows you to pick your own color scheme, upload your logo and more.
  • Easily accept applications right from your website with our online application forms.
  • Add job listing via our embeddable widget. It’s easy!

Background Checks

Don’t let a bad-hiring decision cost you! We’ve teamed up with Crimcheck.com to offer you pre-employment verification and background screenings.




Job Requisition Workflow

Create and submit job requisitions from anywhere! All Admins are notified by email when a job requisition is generated.




Resume Import tool

  • Import resumes in bulk with our Resume import tool where you can start sharing information, take notes and get feedback in one single platform.
  • The Resume Import tool is available with the Pro level plan or above.




Developer API

Build something custom for your website by embedding our jobs widget into your website with out CMS integration options or REST API.




Say goodbye to all the headaches of hiring and hello to a happier, more productive workplace.

Get started now, it’s simple! Sign up for a 14-day free trial to find the most qualified applicants for your team.
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